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CuraClean Technologies, a division of Curativa Bay Inc. has a proven solution for Nursing and assisted living facilities for natural disinfection and protection of facility and inhabitants. We have a safe natural product called Hypochlorous Acid and Hypochlorous Spray Cleanser that are EPA Approved and, a safe but extremely effective solution.
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CuraClean Technologies

We have a safe natural product called Hypochlorous Acid and Hypochlorous Spray Cleanser that are EPA Approved and, a safe but extremely effective solution.

The science dates to 1885. It was used in many applications including food preservation and disinfection, but the drawback, it was inherently unstable, which meant reduced shelf life.

Hypochlorous acid developed over millions of years of evolution by the human body, is perhaps the Most Effective, non-toxic, “biocide” known to modern medicine. In the body it is produced by the white cells (neutrophils) and is triggered by injury or invasion of pathogens. These studies show that Hypochlorous Acid, will kill or neutralize all of the following: bacteria of all kinds including very dangerous pathogens such as MRSA and other highly resistant forms, particularly found in hospitals, Nursing facilities and clinics; all known viruses including HIV, HPV, influenza, RNA types, regardless of mutation; all molds, funguses, Mycological substances, and hardened spores; and last but not least, the new class of neurodegenerative diseases known as Prions, which are nonliving manifestations consisting of rogue proteins and are invariably fatal…According to the National Institute of Health (NIH).

While the 120-year history of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) has provided indisputable evidence of its efficacy in healing and use in disinfection, and over 500 peer-reviewed, published papers universally document significant beneficial properties. Only recently have there been breakthroughs in making it naturally stable while maintaining efficacy and shelf life of 2 years in a container.

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Why Our Product?


  • Hypochlorous Acid cleaner and sanitizer carries virtually no risk of people developing allergies or antibiotic resistance, making it safe to the public.
  • Does not burn if it gets into your eyes or on your skin and does not harm you even if you swallow it.
  • Safe for produce preservation
  • USDA approved for Organic crop production


  • 80% More Killing Power than Bleach
  • Efficacy; Approximately 18 month shelf life
  • Holds a neutral charge to easily penetrate cell walls of viruses
  • Prevents and removes biofilm

Easy to Use

  • Can be used in any area, as well as fogged in a space, effectively sterilizing- even while humans present


  • Available for use in:
    Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Office and the Home

Our Solutions

General Solutions

It has many application methods available for restaurant facilities including hand washing, surface disinfectant, sanitizer for hard and soft surfaces, kitchens, eating areas, kitchenware, and equipment.

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Healthcare Solutions

Nature protects human and animal tissues against infectious germs by making HOCL in the body at sites of injury or contamination by bacteria. This product is uniquely powerful, yet uniquely safe.

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Food Services Solution

Food preparation areas and work surfaces. Also safe and effective when used on fruits and vegetables and can replace washing produce with just potable water prior to preparation.

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We have a safe natural product called Hypochlorous Acid and Hypochlorous Spray Cleanser.

Medetech Medecide Antiviral Conversion Solution (Patented)

Medetech Corporation has developed a unique disinfecting formulation (US Patent #10,028,482 [2018]) that binds powerful germ-killing Chlorine (Cl) atoms onto the surfaces of fibers. There they can attack microbes such as respiratory viruses, including coronaviruses, on contact. High level effectiveness of the stabilized bound Cl persists on coated surfaces for weeks: this provides unequalled protection against contamination by forming aqueous chlorine on the fiber surface using the moisture in breathed air. Aqueous chlorine is known to be an effective inactivator of coronaviruses.

Curativa Bay/CuraClean Technologies has a network of qualified applicators experienced in aggressive mold remediation and fogging operations backed by a professional association of over 20,000 certified and trained members uniquely qualified for this undertaking.

We would welcome discussions on how, we as a team can eliminate this unfortunate situation.

Spraying cleanser on a desk
Spraying cleanser on a table surface
Cleaning a kitchen counter with solution
Wiping down a kitchen counter with sanitizer